Saturday, January 5, 2008

Mobile Money

What is Mobile Money?

Its money in your mobile. You can sms this money to anyone, at anytime, from anywhere. It’s the next generation of money. Its like what mobile phone brings to the world of fixed line phone.


How to get your Mobile Money?

Its very easy to get your Mobile Money. Any one who has a mobile phone can get a mobile money account, which we call MM wallet account. A MM wallet account will be created for anyone automatically whenever some one refers him to be a mobile consumer( BDC) or refers him to be a member of Mobile Commerce Community (BDM), or whenever anyone sends money to his handphone number.

它很容易找到你的手機的錢。任何一個人有手機,可以得到一個流動的錢賬戶,我們稱之為毫米錢包帳戶。 1毫米的錢包帳戶將被創造,任何人自動每當有人指他是一個移動消費(波音設計中心) ,或指他是一個成員國的移動商務共同體(的BDM ) ,或每當任何人送的錢,以他的手機號碼。

What is the benefit of Mobile Money?

It gives you the convenience to pay anyone, including to any bank accounts from anywhere, at anytime. You can pay bills , including credit card bills, and your loan repayments from home. It is safe, secure and convenient. With mobile money, one can start to buy and save from our mobile commerce platform.


How to use Mobile Money?

With just a sms, one can make payment to anyone to their mobile phone numbers, or to any bank accounts. MM also provide a list of miss call numbers for you to check your account, to get sms instructions to buy products and to top up your MM wallet, or to check your balances and last transactions.



How Secure is Mobile Money?

Its very secure. All the money in your mobile money account is kept at the CIMB trust account. We are regulated and audited by Bank Negara.It is a PIN based system similar to that of your ATM card. The unique reverse miss call confirmation system ensures no one can sms money to the wrong person. Mobile Money has built in many layers of security to ensure that your money is safe.

它 很安全。所有的錢在你的手機的錢賬戶保留在聯昌國際信託帳戶。我們有嚴格的監管,審核通過銀行negara.it是一個針腳為基礎的系統類似,就是打你的 提款卡。獨特的逆向小姐電話確認制度,確保沒有人可以短信錢給錯人。移動的錢已建成多層次的安全,以確保你的錢是安全的

What is Mobile Commerce ?

Just like internet commerce, which uses internet to conduct business, Mobile Commerce is a term used to describe businesses done via the mobile phone. Mobile Money enables our members to do just that. With mobile money, one can buy directly from suppliers to save, or to trade.